screenplay by: Sandra Cavanaugh

current status: development/preproduction

SYNOPSIS: Maggie Callahan is a devout catholic and devoted wife and mother.  Once a brilliant and gifted medical student, her son Ricky has served almost five years on death row for the murder of  seven young girls. When Ricky becomes one of 167 inmates whose sentences are commuted to life, the public debate over his guilt or innocence is reignited.  While his sister Karen fights to prove his innocence, Maggie’s greatest fear is the danger Ricky faces in the general population.  Maggie’s frantic efforts to save her son become more and more disturbing as each layer of the past is uncovered.  Faith and truth collide with Maggie’s unconditional love as she struggles to save her son in the only way she knows how. 

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feature film projects

Olympia Dukakis as Maggie 

in a staged reading of Fault Line

AVATARA a film by: Sandra Cavanaugh

current status: post production


SYNOPSIS: In the course of ten minutes one morning, twelve strangers are miraculously drawn to the house of a young college professor named Michael Fisher. They have come from all over the country, from vastly different walks of life and spiritual backgrounds, yet they all look to Michael as their spiritual teacher. Michael has been running from this responsibility his entire life, even though it was predicted during a childhood encounter with an angel in his sandbox. Despite his fears, Michael struggles to lead his twelve unlikely housemates through a series of miracles and misunderstandings on their journey to enlightenment. But when Michael’s extraordinary abilities are exposed to the outside world, egos and ideologies threaten to tear the fragile group apart and perhaps destroy their, and our, perceptions and preconceptions about life, salvation, miracles and the very nature of the universe as we know it.

Starring: Luke Massengil, Dakotah Brown, Aaron Moore, Micha Kae, Michelle Oneida, Matt Melton, Cory Mikhals,

Patti O'Hara, Chris Bohme, Angela DeRisio, Leta Neustaedter, Katie Preston, Jordan Peterson

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Screenwriter Sandra Cavanaugh w/ Olympia Dukakis and Louis Zorich after a reading of

Fault Line Screenplay in NYC